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March 2009
Ceebron actively seeking suitable international partner(s) to commercialise the Smart-Trace technology. Smart-Trace is a patent-protected, proven technology for enhancing cold chain integrity. It aligns with the world's current flight to greater quality, reduced risk, and increased regulation.
December 2008
Ceebron continues to enhance the Smart-Trace product offering.

Smart-Trace brochure
October 2008
The Smart-Trace system gateway has successfully monitored refrigerated trailers during a pilot, over the last 12 months. The continuous (24x7) 'log' of trailer performance transparency, over this period, helped validate the robustness and cost effectiveness of the new system, in the challenging Australian cold chain environment.
September 2008
A Ceebron presentation titled "Enhancing the Integrity of the Cold Chain" was given at the 2008 National Convention for the Refrigerated Warehouse & Transportation Association - (Download the Ceebron Presentation).
May 2008
Smart-Trace™ has been used successfully for 6 months of real time, online monitoring of frozen beef consignments, down the east coast of Australia. During this pilot period, trailer operating concerns were alerted and quickly corrected.
January 2008
Ceebron's Smart-Trace™ System has provided near real-time monitoring of frozen beef shipments for a leading meat supplier during the last 3 months. The accuracy of Smart-Trace™ tags has been validated by a leading cold chain consultant.
October 2007
Successful monitoring of frozen beef shipments over the last month provides the Smart-Trace team with user interface validation and valued system refinement ideas.
September 2007
A leading supplier of frozen meat products has contracted extended piloting of the Smart-Trace™ system, to better monitor thru load temperatures of its trailer load deliveries.
August 2007
Smart-Trace is featured in a CSIRO promotional video titled "Creating Impact for the Industry, Society, and the Environment". 
June 2007
At Microsoft's invitation, Ceebron exhibited Smart-Trace at the 2007 Smart Supply Chain Technology Show in Sydney.
May 2007
Ceebron wins Consensus Software Award in recognition of the Smart-Trace Web Application and the potential of Smart-Trace in the global market.
April 2007 Article on Smart-Trace in GS1 Australia's "LINK The Supply Chain" newsletter -  Issue No. 13 - Autumn 2007.   
December 2006 Ceebron receives report 'Validation of the Smart-Trace™ Technology' from Food Science Australia - a joint venture of CSIRO and the Victorian Government. 

The report covers extensive field trialling of the system with leading industry firms in a wide range of distribution application areas, including local and export markets, food and pharma products, retail and food service channels, and chilled and frozen conditions. The key conclusions of this report were:
  • The Smart-Trace™ tags were consistently accurate and generally reliable. Data was available on the Smart-Trace Server in near real-time as long as no mobile comms infrastructure problems were experienced.
  • The highly variable performance of the six transport systems surveyed reiterated the real need for regular monitoring of transport temperatures. The number of tags deployed during the trials were sufficient in each case to provide a good estimate of the average product temperature, and the significant temperature spread throughout the loads.  
   Download Field Trial Video (2.2MB)
November 2006 The Smart-Trace™ system was demonstrated live to an industry forum at the recent Food Solutions Expo held in Werribee, Victoria, Australia. The live demonstration captured the attention of the attendees who where impressed by the near-real time continuous identity, temperature and location monitoring offered by the Smart-Trace system. The Food Solutions Expo brings together food related industry participants which includes food manufacturers, food retailers, food research, packaging, and cold chain organizations. 
October 2006 Case Study on 'Smart-Trace system' from Food Science & Nutrition Issue 2 - 'Fresh Perspectives on Global Food Supply Chains', published by Food Science Australia - a joint venture between CSIRO and the Victorian State Government. 
August 2006 Article on Smart-Trace from Food Science Australia - a joint venture between CSIRO and the Victorian Government.  
July  2006 Ceebron completes sea trials with Australian chilled and frozen beef into Japan and Korea in MOL shipping containers. 
June 2006 Technical paper from Food Australia - the official journal of Australian Institute of Food Science Technology.  
May  2006 Technical paper from The International Review of Food Science and Technology on real-time, predictive shelf-life for food safety and international consumer pressure for same. 
April 2006 Article on Smart-Trace from EcoLibrium - the official journal of Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH). 
March 2006 Article on Smart-Trace from the Next section of Sydney Morning Herald.
or via SMH site 
February 2006 Successful completion of Smart-Trace Field Trials across Australia with leading perishables consignors and independently audited by Food Science Australia/CSIRO.
December 2005 Three year development of mesh wireless networking tags and gateways completed
March 2005 Smart-Trace and the global cold chain (article from The Australian)
March 2005 Patent challenge successfully defended.
March 2005 Smart-Trace patent granted in the USA, Australia, and pending in Japan
March 2004 Smart-Trace patent granted in the UK